Agencia de publicidad Dalisso



Spontaneous collaborations with journalists

Every day journalists send us the topics they are working on so that we can give brands the information about articles they can participate

The spontaneous collaboration service with journalists consists of informing you about how you can collaborate in an article and sending the information you provide us to the journalist.

The journalist chooses the material that best fits

Other press services

Using our infrastructure, you have at your disposal another useful communication services:

Preparation of a press release110€
Sending a press release110€
Press release follow-up110€
Digital press clipping87€
Branded content managementTo be consulted
Press callTo be consulted


Influencers campaigns

Register your influencer campaign with us and we will publicize it so influencers can sign up.

We will pass you the influencers who would like to participate in your campaign.

You can buy the statistics of the profiles that have signed up and other profiles that fit your campaign.

If you wish, you can put your campaign in our hands for custom management.

Collaborations with brands

Register your brand as interested in collaborating. We will look for other brands that are interested in exploring a collaboration with you.